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It is time to cash in on your healthy choices in life

Evaluating the effect of one’s health behaviour

We calculate your personal Lyfery score based on your health behavioural information. This score influences the price of your life insurance, and you will also receive health dividends accordingly. Essentially, it’s a yearly discount, the sum of which depends on your Lyfery score. Over time, the score will become much more detailed and information-rich as we further develop the system.

Evaluating health behaviour
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Health services with preventive effect

In addition to the score, you have access to best-in-class health services at a substantial discount, which strongly mitigates health risks. This provides you with all you need to foster your health digitally, without the hassle of dealing with paperwork while saving a significant amount of time and money, as you don’t need to search for these services in different places. Ultimately, this full package makes your life insurance even cheaper and fairer.

We also aim to offer customers who value their health much more than just life insurance at a fair price. Our health behaviour has a vast array of ways to influence our lives. That’s why the customer journey at Lyfery starts with the health behavioural questionnaire. Currently, it comprises only five questions, but this will increase over time. Through our collaborative efforts with scientists, we are on our way to creating new value, which, on the one hand, provides invaluable feedback to the customer, and on the other, allows us to create new products and services that will prosper and improve our customers’ health journey.

Life insurance

Life insurance

Ensure financial security for your close ones in case of your death.

Protection starts from the next day and will be valid 24h across the world

In case of death the compensation is paid to the person(s) named by you

Perfect replacement for the mortgage insurance when you have- or are planning- financial obligations

Insurance premium is cheaper with Lyfery as we take into account your contribution to your health

Takes effect from next day and applies around the world

Provided by Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE

Severe disability insurance

Severe disability insurance

Protect yourself- and close ones- against losing the ability to work

The one-time benefit helps to cover reduced income and expenses for treatment

Covers permanent disability both as a result of a sickness or an accident

Extends your life insurance, permanent disability compensation payout does not affect your life insurance coverage

Effective from the next day, 24hour cover worldwide

Lack of work capacity is an insured event if it has been assigned to you for at least 12 months by a competent state authority

Provided by Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE

Personalized health audit

Personalized health audit

Check on yourself to avoid health issues early

Annual 360 degree health audit; takes into account your age and sex

Thorough questionnaire and a blood test of 16 indicators as an outcome

Presented in the language and design you understand

A repeat audit after 6 months if needed

Blood tests at HeBA Clinic or any of Synlab sites

Provided by HeBA online Clinic

Health coaching

Health coaching

Understand the basics of healthy lifestyle

Up to 3 sessions per year at your choice at either mental health specialist, nutrition specialist or health coach

Free 24/7 access to digital solutions- advising tools, questionnaires and recommendations

Additional sessions opportunity

Provided by Minudoc digital health platform

Lyfery agent fee

Lyfery agenditasu

The primary barrier preventing the life insurance industry from creating new value lies in the fact that profits stemming from unrealized risks are not shared with customers. Lyfery will now begin revealing to its customers their risk price, and the profits resulting from reduced risk will be redirected to those customers who genuinely contribute to minimizing risks through their health behaviour.

The Lyfery agent fee adheres to the principle of transparency. We offer the fairest pricing in the market to our customers and also disclose how much Lyfery earns from it. The Lyfery agent fee consists of two separate parts: €6 plus 0.003% of the insurance sum per month. For example, for a life insurance policy of €100,000, the Lyfery agent fee will be €9 per month (€12 if severe disability insurance is also added).

The majority of the fee will be invested in developing tools to measure customers' health behaviour, enabling us to offer even better pricing and provide valuable insights.

We are continuously enhancing our digital-first service so you can manage everything from your screen.

We are committed to providing you with top-tier services and solutions that effectively minimize health risks.

Additionally, we prioritize work in the fields of data protection and digital security, recognizing these as crucial components of modern digital services.