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Meet the team

Founding team behind Lyfery

Mihkel Mandre CEO

Mihkel Mandre

CEO & Founder

Mihkel has been in the life insurance industry for more than 25 years, driving business strategy, innovation, and building cross-border teams at Swedbank Life Insurance. Hailing from the most digitally advanced society in the world, and having renewed the product portfolio, transformed the sales and after service of life insurance entirely to digital channels while launching a successful tele-underwriting concept in the Baltics, Mihkel became determined to revamp the industry on a broader scale and take advantage of the technological revolution across Europe. He believes that true innovation lies in connecting different industries . Life insurance, which has a longer history than Christianity, can make a difference in our lives and to the environment as well. Mihkel is convinced that, when people are provided with the tools to live a healthier life, along with full insight and understanding of the influence their behavior has on their lives and on society in general, they grasp the true essence of life insurance. There is only one life and one planet. Feel free to get in touch if my vision attracted your attention.

Madis Tapupere CTO

Madis Tapupere

CTO & Co-founder

Madis has extensive experience leading IT and technology teams within the banking and media industries over a prolonged period. He has been a key player since the inception of electronic banking in Estonia and played a pivotal role in initiating Swedbank’s internet banking product. Madis has effectively managed multiple facets of technology and its deployment, ranging from spearheading large-scale infrastructure projects and directing the Swedbank Group’s IT strategy and architecture area, to holding the position of CTO in several other companies. Prior to joining Lyfery, Madis assumed responsibility for managing infrastructure at Veriff, one of Estonia’s unicorns, ensuring the smooth functioning of its daily operations and optimizing the cost of its cloud technology.

Indrek Holst

Indrek Holst


Long term CEO at SEB Life & Pension for ca 20+ years (established from greenfield). Public sector experience working as general director at State Social Security Fund. Owner of well functioning family business. A father of four.

Veikko Tamlak co-founder

Veikko Tamlak


Veikko has worked as insurance mathematician for 30 years. He started in Estonian Insurance as First Actuary when the profession was virtually unknown in freshly independent Estonia. He later led the development of first truly successful insurance products in Hansabank Insurance. Several models and systems created by Veikko are still successfully being used by former employers. Lifestyle based underwriting has been his interest ever since gender based pricing was prohibited by EU regulations. Veikko believes that lifestyle based individual risk assessment makes insurance sector more vital and also delivers better security to the customers.

Piret Reinson Advisor

Piret Reinson


Piret has led Marketing and Communications efforts at many outstanding banking industry brands like Swedbank and Nordea. She also drove Estonia’s country brand project which was launched in 2017 and, after that, was in charge of global Marcom for the e-Residency program. She is a true believer in technology and knows that all aspects of our lives should become more enjoyable and easier due to the technological revolution. She is grateful for the opportunity to now also make this change happen in the life insurance industry and to finally be able to make an even bigger impact as an advisor, which means not only taking care of the visible part of the iceberg that is a business – the brand. Her mission is to make it possible to track and measure how our behaviour influences the health of planet Earth, besides that of our own.


Don't take our word for it. See what others are saying about us.

“In times when people call health the new wealth, it is important to develop new concepts of life insurance. Concepts that actively support staying healthy are exactly the right answer to this trend.”

Bernd M. Müller SCOR
Bernd M. Müller

COO PIB Europe

Ex-Global Head of Business Model Development at SCOR

“Smart & Beneficial: Lyfery unique value proposition provides a “2 for 1” win for the consumer that is looking to purchase Life Insurance. It covers the Life Insurance need while motivating healthy choices.”

Jim Langenwalter Oracle
Jim Langenwalter

Global Head, Business Technology Strategy

Oracle Financial Services

“Health is something that cannot be overestimated. Any solution in this area that helps people to be more proactive, and is more efficient and convenient from the user’s point of view, is very welcome.”

Külliki Tafel-Viia Tallinn University
Külliki Tafel-Viia, PhD

Global Head of Business Model Development

Tallinn University

“Technological revolution and a deep knowledge of the finance industry have rewarded me with a number of successful start-ups and companies in the field. But thus far, no one has managed to really make a real breakthrough in life insurance.”

Priit Põldoja Inbank
Priit Põldoja

Founder & CEO


“Standard, non-life insurance has been digitized for a while now. Yet life insurance lags behind is now on the verge of a breakthrough. Healthy lifestyle awareness has increased substantially.”

Veiko Hintsov Deloitte
Veiko Hintsov

Deloitte Central Europe ex-partner

Põhjala tehas developer

“Lyfery's concept of life insurance combined with the extension of healthy life years is 100% in line with HeBA Clinic’s future vision. Likewise, we see great potential for innovation in the synergy of health and insurance services.”

Ain Aaviksoo HeBa
Ain Aaviksoo, MD MPH

HeBA Clinic Development Manager

Health innovator

“Insurance is a low innovation domain where breakthrough is difficult to achieve. Lyfery's concept is interesting and it addresses risks relevant to customers. The passion of the founders and the experience of the team are the reason why I believe Lyfery will succeed. This is why Compensa Life is helping them to achieve it.”

Merko Kimso Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE
Merko Kimso

Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE

Head of Compensa Life Estonia

“Lyfer's mission to combine life insurance with health behavior is a modern and refreshing approach to an otherwise traditionally boring product. Aside from offering long term peace of mind, finding the personalized solution has now been made very easy and cost efficient.”

Tarmo Pihl Minudoc.ee
Tarmo Pihl




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