Protect your close ones & live healthy

Lyfery creates your personal life insurance & wellness package

Lyfery adaptive insurance

Steer your insurance costs with lifestyle choices

Lyfery provides you peace of mind by combining life insurance and wellness into one smart subscription.

We believe that insurance should be smart and adaptive. If we live healthy then insurance should also be cheaper.

With Lyfery you both secure your financials and increase the quality of your life.

Life insurance

Lyfery services

Complement your life insurance with one or more wellness packages

Life insurance

Life insurance

Protection starts from the next day and will be valid 24h across the world

In case of death the compensation is paid to the person(s) named by you

Perfect replacement for the mortgage insurance when you have- or are planning- financial obligations

Insurance premium is cheaper with Lyfery as we take into account your contribution to your health

Provided by Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE

Disablity insurance

Severe disability insurance (optional)

The one-time benefit helps to cover reduced income and expenses for treatment

Covers permanent disability both as a result of a sickness or an accident

Extends your life insurance, permanent disability compensation payout does not affect your life insurance coverage

Effective from the next day, 24hour cover worldwide

Lack of work capacity is an insured event if it has been assigned to you for at least 12 months by a competent state authority

Provided by Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE

Health audit

Personalized health audit

Annual 360 degree health audit; takes into account your age and sex

Thorough questionnaire and a blood test of 16 indicators as an outcome

Presented in the language and design you understand

A repeat audit after 6 months if needed

Blood tests at HeBA Clinic or any of Synlab sites

Provided by HeBA online Clinic

Health coaching

Health coaching

Up to five sessions per year at your choice with either mental health specialist, nutrition specialist or health coach

Free 24/7 access to digital solutions- advising tools, questionnaires and recommendations

Provided by Minudoc digital health platform

Lyfery calculator

Save by combining protection and prevention

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Lyfery benefits

Why join Lyfery?

Life insurance

Life insurance that gives you value from day one

Insurance cost

You know what you pay for.

Healthy lifestyle

Services and pricing that support your healthy lifestyle


Don't take our word for it. See what others are saying about us.

“In times when people call health the new wealth, it is important to develop new concepts of life insurance. Concepts that actively support staying healthy are exactly the right answer to this trend.”

Bernd M. Müller SCOR
Bernd M. Müller

COO PIB Europe

Ex-Global Head of Business Model Development at SCOR

“Smart & Beneficial: Lyfery unique value proposition provides a “2 for 1” win for the consumer that is looking to purchase Life Insurance. It covers the Life Insurance need while motivating healthy choices.”

Jim Langenwalter Oracle
Jim Langenwalter

Global Head, Business Technology Strategy

Oracle Financial Services

“Health is something that cannot be overestimated. Any solution in this area that helps people to be more proactive, and is more efficient and convenient from the user’s point of view, is very welcome.”

Külliki Tafel-Viia Tallinn University
Külliki Tafel-Viia, PhD

Global Head of Business Model Development

Tallinn University

“Technological revolution and a deep knowledge of the finance industry have rewarded me with a number of successful start-ups and companies in the field. But thus far, no one has managed to really make a real breakthrough in life insurance.”

Priit Põldoja Inbank
Priit Põldoja

Founder & CEO


“Standard, non-life insurance has been digitized for a while now. Yet life insurance lags behind is now on the verge of a breakthrough. Healthy lifestyle awareness has increased substantially.”

Veiko Hintsov Deloitte
Veiko Hintsov

Deloitte Central Europe ex-partner

Põhjala tehas developer

“Lyfery's concept of life insurance combined with the extension of healthy life years is 100% in line with HeBA Clinic’s future vision. Likewise, we see great potential for innovation in the synergy of health and insurance services.”

Ain Aaviksoo HeBa
Ain Aaviksoo, MD MPH

HeBA Clinic Development Manager

Health innovator

“Insurance is a low innovation domain where breakthrough is difficult to achieve. Lyfery's concept is interesting and it addresses risks relevant to customers. The passion of the founders and the experience of the team are the reason why I believe Lyfery will succeed. This is why Compensa Life is helping them to achieve it.”

Merko Kimso Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE
Merko Kimso

Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE

Head of Compensa Life Estonia

“Lyfer's mission to combine life insurance with health behavior is a modern and refreshing approach to an otherwise traditionally boring product. Aside from offering long term peace of mind, finding the personalized solution has now been made very easy and cost efficient.”

Tarmo Pihl
Tarmo Pihl



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