Protect your income and extend your healthily lived years

Lyfery combines income protection with wellness management in a cost-efficient, 100% digital way

Our average age increases. Healthily lived years do not. With Lyfery you will get the protection of your finances and your health at once.

Wellness Roadmap

✓ Your personal health audit
✓ Your personal wellness roadmap
✓ Your personal wellness score

Wellness Hub

✓ Health and prevention partner networks to get special offers
✓ Health related top-notch scientific data and researches
✓ Connect with others in the community

Income Protection

✓ Income protection for you
✓ Income protection for your loved ones

Why join Lyfery?

  • Income protection that gives you value from day one
  • Done in three easy steps
  • You know what you pay for
  • Your wellness journey with one product = less noise in your life
  • Be among the first ones to get access to all the valuable insights


Külliki Tafel-Viia, PhD
Head of Knowledge transfer – Enterprise x University at Tallinn University

Health is something that cannot be overestimated. Any solution in this area that helps people to be more proactive, and is more efficient and convenient from the user’s point of view, is very welcome. Lyfery’s desire to develop a science-based product together with universities will create confidence for its users and is also a sign that it is a modern, innovative company.

Andres Lasn
Chief Medical Officer at Certific

I fully support and trust the vision of Lyfery. Practicing as a GP myself, and being part of the Certific team, I see the need for tools that help people to live a healthier life and assists them in taking responsibility for it every day. The combination of science and technology is definitely the way forward.

Alex Astengo
Head of Sales at Cloud Insurance

Lyfery is bringing real change to the insurance industry by offering customers additional value through efficiencies and innovative offerings focused on wellbeing. Personalized pricing, and preventive and community features are elements which are fundamental to the origin of insurance, and critical to its relevance in the future.

Claudia Lang
Co-Founder of Community Life GmbH

You need industry in depth and long-term experience to innovate the business model of life insurance. We started nine years ago in Germany on a comparable path and know it’s not always an easy task. You need to meet the customer’s needs and expectations and at the same time ensure regulatory compliance in what is a highly regulated activity. Lyfery’s founders have a solid background and are well equipped to take on this challenge. I am also happy to see that there are more players joining the vision of building a new generation in life insurance and I am convinced that Lyfery will play a solid role in this.

Priit Põldoja
Founder & CEO of Inbank

I founded Inbank in 2010, after I left the position of CEO of Hansapank (later Swedbank). Technological revolution and a deep knowledge of the finance industry have rewarded me with a number of successful start-ups and companies in the field. But thus far, no one has managed to really make a real breakthrough in life insurance. I believe this is possible if you have a passion for new business models and the deep knowledge of the industry, which the founders of Lyfery certainly have.

Veiko Hintsov
Deloitte Central Europe ex-partner, Põhjala tehas developer

Standard, non-life insurance has been digitized for a while now. Life insurance, on the other hand, lags behind in this aspect and is only now on the verge of a breakthrough. The awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle has increased substantially these days, meaning we take more responsibility for our own health. Lyfery is a brilliant initiative where both life insurance and well-being are bundled in an innovative way using modern technologies, giving value not only to the policy owner, but their loved ones as well. I believe this is a breakthrough idea and will be acknowledged as such very soon.

Bernd M. Müller
Global Head of Business Model Development & Strategic Partnerships at SCOR

In times when people call health the new wealth, it is important to develop new concepts of life insurance. Concepts that actively support staying healthy are exactly the right answer to this trend. When such concepts are designed by industry experts who have known the industry for decades – the result is a concept that is brutally customer-centric and will find its way to market standard. In my view, this is exactly what Mihkel is doing with Lyfery!

Jim Langenwalter
Global Head, Business Technology Strategy | Oracle Financial Services

Smart & Beneficial: Lyfery unique value proposition provides a “2 for 1” win for the consumer that is looking to purchase Life Insurance. It covers the Life Insurance need while motivating healthy choices and rewards those actions by creating additional value for the policy holder. Lyfery’s business model is also impressive. Its unique differentiation is its modern digital platform that powers its medical / health-based wellness program that encourages and rewards healthy habits.

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