How does it work

Income Protection

In a world of uncertainty, the need to protect yourself and your loved ones, whatever the circumstances, has become self-evident. With life insurance you don’t need to crowdsource cash but give yourself and your family certain comforts like staying in your current home, finishing school, etc. – the things that help you or your family to thrive. Income protection will ‘fulfill the income gap’ and works like a regular monthly salary.

Protection Package Includes

Income Protection for Your Family

Up to 100% of your net income will be paid to your family in case of your death up to a five year period.

Income Protection for You

Up to 100% of your net income will be paid to you monthly in case of disability starting from 7 months and up to 5 years.

Wellness Roadmap

Health audits and everyday wellbeing. A personalized and tailored Wellness Roadmap based on your specific health profile and goals.

Wellness Roadmap

Lyfery guides you through the complexities of today’s healthcare while empowering you to live your fullest life. We believe that changing the world for the better starts with every single human being and we are here to help you focus and provide you with everything you need on your life’s wellness journey.

Your Wellness Journey with three easy steps:

1. Start with an annual Health Audit – Complete a blood test through our trusted health partners, order a remote at-home testing kit or take a fully digital remote health audit to discover the untapped potential for health, productivity and wellbeing.

2. Review your Wellness Roadmap – Get a comprehensive snapshot of where you stand today across six different well-being categories: physical health, mental wellbeing, movement, sleep, nutrition, and work & life balance. Not sure how often you should do your routine dental check-up or other screenings? Wellness Roadmap assesses your lifestyle and provides a personalized list of recommended services based on academically-proven evidence.

3. Track your Wellness Score – At Lyfery, we developed the Wellness Score that accounts for your lifestyle behaviors and ties into dynamic pricing to reward you for your healthy way of living. While our product has a guaranteed baseline price, a high Wellness Score could mean either a better price or an access to additional services. It’s up to you. You may also like to have a virtual visit with our Wellness Coordinators or make an appointment with one of our health partners.

Wellness Hub

Life, health, and happiness that go beyond the walls of our homes

Wellness Hub is a place to connect with other Lyfers, consume and share content across a range of topics, and find out about an upcoming workshop or retreat near your home town

Wellness Hub solutions

Get smarter

Consolidated, academically proven information on a range of topics in an easily digestible format

Get connected

Connect with others in our Wellness Hub, ask questions from other Lyfers and industry experts, share your worries, and give advice.

Get linked up

Get access to unique partners across the wellness and financial sectors, such as retirement planning, nutritional counselling, and global retreat centers.

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